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  • Upper: Microfiber PU Leather+V-Durable+Double Mesh
    Midsole: Light shock-absorbing EVA+ Light Resilient EVA+ENERGYMAX 3.0+TPU+Carbon
    Outsole: Hexagrip Natural Rubber + D.MAX, Natural rubber bottom grip and side grip
  • The SH-P9200M introduces a new generation of sport shoes. The innovative high cut shape encloses the ankle ensuring maximum protection against sprains and for improved stability. Furthermore, increased shock absorption is provided by the new ENERGYMAX3.0 and Light Resilient EVA midsole, ensuring ultimate comfort during fast movement and jumps. The new improved microfier upper material delivers enhanced resilience, improved flxibility and reduced deformation of the upper part of the shoe. The special surface protection strengthens the shoe by this extra layer made of rubber to increase the durability during intensive movements. Following a period of research and development with top players, and utilizing slow motion camera shots, a new outsole design has been created to supply maximum support and grip in the forefoot area for fast multi-directional movements.
  • LS-S – The outside of forefoot is designed using high-strength TPU. This significantly enhances the lateral stability during intense and rapid transfer of direction when playing badminton.
  • Carbon Power – The three-dimensional carbon fiber sheet provides mid-sole stability and decreases the torsional strain on the foot’s arch.
  • Energymax 3.0 -The new generation of highly elasticity material, with a 22% increase in rebound ability. The shock absorbency increase by 6%, which can dramatically enhance the instant resilience, shock absorption and cushioning effect to shocks.
  • Light Resilient EVA – A new, completely upgraded lightweight, highly resilient, and durable midsole, which has a 16% in durability when compared to the original high resilient EVA. It improves the life-span of shoes, reduced 19% of weight, flexibility increased by 5%, and lowered muscle burden in intensive exercises, which allows one to take agile paces quickly.
  • V-Durable -The inner toe uses the special technics to provide better strength and durability.
  • Breathing – A unique breathing mesh layer is used to increase ventilation. It facilitates the heat dissipation. This creates a more comfortable environment for the feet.
  • Neo Duplex – New dual-density wedge structure midsole combined the ENERGYMAX3.0 on top, and Light Resilient EVA beneath, in accordance with the principles of sports biomechanics tangent angle of 7°, to balance the moments and angles of knee and ankle joint during exercise, achieving energy absorption and stable support together.
  • V-Shape Toe – V-SHAPE last is designed to reduce the excess space of front shoe for Greek -type-toes, which’s second toe is longest, and foot shape looks more pointed and slender, brings out the foot feeling of fitness.
  • VSR Anti-Slip Rubber – Upgraded outsole rubber, slip-resistant performance increases by 21% on dry PU floor.
  • Lightweight and durable


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US Men 5 = EUR37 = 23CM, US Men 5.5 = EUR37.5 = 23.5CM, US Men 6 = EUR38 = 24CM, US Men 6.5 = EUR39 = 24.5CM, US Men 7 = EUR39.5 = 25CM, US Men 7.5 = EUR 40 = 25.5CM, US Men 8 = EUR40.5 = 26CM, US Men 8.5 = EUR41 = 26.5CM, US Men 9 = EUR42 = 27CM, US Men 9.5 = EUR43 = 27.5CM, US Men 10 = EUR44 = 28CM, US Men 10.5 = EUR44.5 = 28.5CM, US Men 11 = EUR45 = 29CM, US Men 11.5 = EUR45.5 = 29.5CM, US Men 12 = EUR46 = 30CM, US Men 12.5 = EUR46.5 = 30.5CM


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