Yonex Nanoray 60 4U (83 grams)



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Lightweight badminton racquet at only 83 grams
Head balance racquet makes the Nanoray 60 the perfect all rounder
Contains materials that reduces vibration when hitting the shuttle; prevents arm or wrist injury
Makes a good doubles racquet
Excellent choice for beginners to intermediate level play
Comes with a Half Yonex Cover Case

*This racquet comes with factory strung strings, however you are welcome to choose your own custom stringing

Manufacturer’s Description
The Vibration Filter Cap prevents unwanted vibration for smooth and controlled shot-making.

Shaft Stiffness: Medium
Balance Point: Head Balance
Frame Material: Graphite
Shaft Material: Graphite, NANOMESH + CARBON NANOTUBE
Weight: 4U (83 grams)
Grip Size: G4 (Medium)
Color: White/Red

This racket is now out of stock, please check the newer model Yonex Nanoray 70DX



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