Adidas Adipower Force


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Target Player – Single Men Player – Power Attacking



  • Weight – 90 – 94 grams (Heavier)
  • Balance Point – 302 – 308 mm (Head Heavy)
  • Shaft Flexibility – Stiff
  • Shaft Dimension – Reverse Taper Shaft (7.5/7.25/7.0 mm)
  • Shaft Composition – Pure Nano Carbon
  • Frame Section – Octagonal
  • Frame Composition – Pure Nano Carbon, Zylon Super Fibre, X-Tra Titanium
  • Length – 675 mm
  • Stringing Pattern – 22/21 (78 Holes)
  • Recommended Tension – 20 – 25 lbs
  • Racquet is unstrung. please check our string service listing to choose the string and service if you need.


Frame Technology

  • Dual Force Frame – The impact of combining Titanium and Zylon technologies fine tunes the racquet by reducing torsion and stresses on impact. The reinforced frame gives greater control for each shot. It is a durable racquet for a hard hitting player searching for even more supremacy in the game.
  • Vibration Control System – It is the strategic positioning of ultimate composition with Zylon Superfibre within the frame. Designed to significantly reduce the impact of vibrations on the wrist, arm and shoulder allowing player to stay in control while keeping power and precision in the game.
  • Air Frame Control – This specifically engineering Octagon cross section frame reduces air resistance allowing player to dominate those high speed shots. Air Frame Control technology gives player greater control and power for all shots and time piece precision for those off centre shots.
  • Power Arch – It is ideal for both hard hitting and more defensive players. The Power Arch technology reduces loss of string tension and prevents breakage, providing durable power and control to your game.
  • Precision 78 Ultimate – It extends the life of strings using 78 holes in the frame construction rather than the traditional 72 holes and a single pass grommet hole in the design. By reducing the friction between the strings, your shots are consistently accurate as you are continually in command.

Shaft Technology

  • Repulsion Power Shaft – It redefines the taper shaft, as the racquet turns it around giving player additional force from the hand to the frame. Ideal for Fast attacking and aggressive players.
  • Pure Nano Carbon – The technology defines the force of the shots. The strength and rigidity of this high performance materials allows player to hit deep into opponents court, creating a compact swing for those high speed rallies.

Additional information


Factory Strung String, Frame Only (No Extra Charge), Yonex BG 65 (0.70mm, Very Durable) $8.90, Yonex BG 65 Titanium (0.70mm, Hard Hitters, Durable) $9.50, Yonex BG 66 (0.66mm, Repulsion Power) $9.50, Yonex BG 66 Ultimax (0.65mm, Best Repulsion Power) $9.90, Yonex BG 68 Titanium (0.68mm, Soft Hitters) $9.90, Yonex BG 80 (0.68mm, Hard Hitters) $9.50, Yonex BG 80 Power (0.68mm, Hard Hitters) $9.90, Yonex Nanogy 95 (0.69mm, Durability) $9.90, Yonex Nanogy 98 (0.66mm, Clear Hitting Sound) $9.90, Yonex Nanogy 99 (0.69mm, Control Players) $9.90


21 lbs – Soft Hitters (Add $9.90), 22 lbs (Add $9.90), 23 lbs (Add $9.90), 24 lbs – Average Hitters (Add $9.90), 25 lbs (Add $9.90), 26 lbs (Add $9.90), 27 lbs – Hard Hitters (Add $9.90), 28 lbs (Add $9.90), 29 lbs (Add $9.90), 30 lbs – Professional Level (Add $9.90), Unstrung (No extra charge), Factory Strung Tension


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