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The Yonex Voltric FB (VTFB) has the thinnest ever shaft with NEOPRENE, providing stiffness, high resilience and explosive power. The stiff racquet structure at the top of the frame allows the head to bend in a very controlled way and hold shuttles on the string bed for longer. The thin frame sides then allow the frame to flex more and transfer more energy to the shuttle. Another innovative YONEX technology, SOUND FILTER uses new materials at the two and ten O’clock positions to reduce only high pitched and dull soundwaves. This produces a louder and sharper sound on impact to unsettle opponents.

Flex: Stiff
Frame: H.M. Graphite, Tungsten, BLACK MICRO CORE
Shaft: H.M. Graphite, NANOMETRIC
Weight / Grip Size: F (Ave.73g) G5, 6
5U (Ave.78g) G5, 6 Stringing Advice: F 19-24lbs, 5U 19-24lbs
Colour: Black/Blue, Black/Green
Made in Japan


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