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Yonex Voltric 20DG is made from Super High Elasticity High Modulus Graphite, making it possible to withstand higher tension than any other Yonex rackets. For the first time, experience Yonex with higher tension up to 35lbs.
Combining incredible power and fast racquet handling for the first time, VOLTRIC is the perfect racquet for players seeking exceptional ‘all-round’ performance.
VOLTRIC’s exclusive TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM helps to achieves the combination of heavy smashes and speedy racquet handling.

  • Yonex most durable badminton racquet in history
  • DG stands for DURABLE GRADE
  • For the first time ever, Yonex guarantees up to 35lbs of tension on this racquet
  • This is a monster racquet built to crush down your oppenent’s defence
  • Very Head Heavy racquet to make sure you get all the power you need
  • The Stiff shaft of the Voltric 20 DG makes sure hard hitters gets maximum power on their smashes
  • Contains huge potential for power.

Type: Offensive


Balance: Head Heavy Balance

Weight: 3U: 85-90g (Average 88g)

Grip Size: G5

Frame Shape: Square / Isometric

Frame: Super-high elasticity carbon, High Elasticity Carbon Fiber; Tungsten

Shaft: High Elasticity Carbon

Cover: Votric Full Length Cover

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Voltric 20 DG





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